Mobile devices and your website

Is your website Smart Phone and iPad ready?

Many people are now surfing the web with smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. We develop all our websites for smart phones and portable tablets. We understand the changing landscape of the internet and provide our customers with the latest mobile compatibility.

Do I need Smart Phone Compatibility?

For the most part, customers when shopping, prefer to use laptop or desktop computers due to the size and dimensions of the screen. However, this is changing rapidly given more and more people are using smart phones and tablets for web browsing. We have seen cases whereby up to 50% or more visitors to a particular website use smart phone or tablets for browsing.

In addition, Google is set to reward websites for mobile compatibility, you can read about this here.

To fond out how your visitors access your site create a Google Analytics account. Statistics are easy to obtain using Google Analytics. This can provide you with a snapshot of what technology is used when visitors are viewing your site.

Other issues such as browser compatibility also need consideration, for instance; Apple does not support flash or flash based programs. Your site might work great in Safari browsers but the iPad may not support all photo galleries, slideshows, video content, shops or forms if the language in which they were written contains any flash based code.

A few years ago this was not a major problem but now iPads have become so popular that websites should always be optimised to cater for it.

Most people opt for a cut down version of their site for smart phones and tablets that include:

  • A cut down version of photo galleries
  • clickable phone numbers
  • easier to read contact and email forms
  • removal of video (if appropriate)
  • A cut down version of services and products offered on your main site



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